Heavenly Soaps

Heavenly Scents Soap Company was founded in 1996, out of a desire to find a natural alternative to our present day chemical and artificially based Health and Beauty Products and also unusual ideas for corporate gifts. Gift giving is something that can make the recipient feel special and therefore it is always important to really personalise the gift you are giving. One way of doing this can be to invest in a gift box. The presen Through a tremendous amount of reading, studying, and experimenting, I can safely say, this goal has been reached. My desire has been to offer customers a safer and more pleasant way of fulfilling our health and beauty needs.

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Heavenly Scents Soap Company is committed to producing products that are safe, pleasant to use, and affordable to everyone. We feel plants and herbs were put on the earth for us to benefit from and every effort is made to bring you the best nature has to offer. We use only All Natural ingredients in all of our products and feel thanks should be given to the one who made these wonderful plants and herbs.

Heavenly Scents Soaps and Health and Beauty Products will have an amazing effect not only on your skin, but also on your spirit!

Heavenly Scents Soap Company invites you to experience the pleasure of our handcrafted, all natural soaps, shampoos, and health and beauty products. All of our soaps and shampoos are made with the finest, pure saponified plant oils.

95% of the soaps on the market today are made with beef fat (tallow) or hog fat (lard). These oils cleanse the skin, but are not absorbed into the skin. Instead, they just sit on top and collect dirt.

Our soaps are made with wonderful plant oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and palm/and or palm kernel oils, which are absorbed into the skin naturally, creating healthy skin the way nature intended.

No artificial ingredients are used in any of our products. You can actually feel the difference immediately. They have an amazing effect, not only on your skin, but also on your spirit.

Our soaps and shampoos are made in small 56 bars batches, each barlovingly cut by hand and wrapped in a beautiful cotton fabric, yours toenjoy or give to a friend.

These soap bars are 4 oz. in weight and are individually wrapped in lovely cotton fabrics. Christmas fabric wrap is available during the holidays. Our soaps are scented with pure essential oils and nature identical oils. We have absolutely no artificial ingredients in any of our soaps; several of our soaps now are made with Shea Butter.